Our Process

noun /ˈkyo͝orˌādər,kyo͝oˈrādər,ˈkyo͝orədər/
steward, custodian, keeper, guardian, overseer.

At Impact Catalyst, we believe in the process of business curation. What does that mean? A typical startup incubator or accelerator implements short-term engagement focused on churning through entrepreneurs and companies. With a more comprehensive approach, we can do much more.

We recognize the value of long-term relationships that build deeper connections within the broader community. Therefore, we approach startups with a long-term horizon in mind. To make a difference, networks and relationships must survive well past the initial engagement.

This position allows us to value the person and their ideas as much as business development. For the mature enterprise, we help make adjustments and connections that foster sustainable growth practices. And for the visionary, with little more than a world changing idea, we offer the knowledge and resources to bring their dream to life.

All we require to begin is a Pledge, that includes strong work ethic, business responsibility, and high ethical standards.

Take the pledge. Begin the journey to make society better and more equal for all.

How It Works

Engage Curate Graduate Grow

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Since great talent exists everywhere, we don’t limit acceptance to direct network referrals. Instead we encourage any entrepreneur whose vision is aligned with our goals to contact us. We work with you at your current development level to assemble solutions, resources, and services tailored to your needs. Whether you are at an idea stage or already have a product developed, we help you take your vision to the next level.

Unlike traditional accelerators, we don’t place time limits on the Curation phase. Instead we work with you to develop a milestone roadmap and partnership strategy to deliver optimal outcomes. With a clear mission in hand, we then provide the network and resources necessary to reach your goals. We match you with stakeholders who share your interests - from foundations, community leaders and legislators to topical educators and experts. As with any early stage venture, we understand that setbacks are a normal part of life. Success comes by setting goals, executing, measuring, learning, and improving. We accompany you every step of the way to eventually graduate to capital raising status. Visit the Growth Services page for a full list of services available to our members during - and beyond - Curation.

Upon graduation, you can now leverage your curated strategies and partnerships to present your venture opportunities to a network of investors (public and private) and VCs. You locate and secure the best sources of capital from grants, incentive programs, new investment products, or direct investment. Successful teams and businesses prove themselves by being able to meet the expectations of their investors and target customers alike.

After graduation you continue to receive Impact Catalyst graduate-level assistance. Expand into new markets, widen your product or service offering, or realize an exit strategy.

Our strict "Pay It Forward" policy asks all founders to commit a portion of their time to the betterment of our community. By imparting knowledge and experience onto new entrepreneurial teams, Impact Catalyst graduates bring full circle a process that continuously improves upon itself.

Impact Catalyst Certification

Impact Catalyst Certification Logo PledgedImpact Catalyst Certification Logo Certified

Impact Catalyst’s Social Sustainability Certification Program recognizes businesses and organizations committed to making an impact.

Every startup participating in the Impact Catalyst program makes a Pledge towards positive social impact measured in defined milestones. From there, you’re free to use and display the Impact Catalyst | Pledged logo to indicate to your customers, employees, investors, and business partners your dedication to positive social change.

After filing your first Annual Impact Report documenting milestone progress, your organization is authorized to use the Impact Catalyst | Certified logo. This logo links directly to your Annual Impact Report. The report facilitates investor due diligence and keeps your team motivated to make further achievements. Your target audience remains well-informed about your leadership as a Social Enterprise.

Community Involvement

Sustainability Stakeholders

Our Sustainability Stakeholder strategy brings together key community stakeholders to create the environment where startups can thrive. Local communities can then reap the benefits of the positive social impact delivered by these companies.

Impact Catalyst actively promotes relationships with community leaders and legislators to:

  • Create a better business environment.
  • Support schools for startup training driving fresh talent for jobs and internships.
  • Encourage business leaders to advise and mentor a new generation of leaders.
  • Engage local service providers committed to ESG principles so that founders can focus on growing their businesses.

Socially-motivated companies arguably have access to the greatest pool of funding opportunities available. At Impact Catalyst we are building a robust network with access to capital through local, state, and federal incentive programs and sustainable localized lending. We engage socially responsible investors & foundations with an objective to provide tangible social benefits as well as solid financial returns.

Engage, curate, graduate, and grow. Join a community of visionaries promoting social entrepreneurship.