Underserved Communities

13.8 %

Adjusted poverty rate for Massachusetts

132 %

Disparity in productivity vs. wage growth since 1973

Great Depression

Last time the US saw such high levels of wealth inequality

# 1

US rank for wealth inequality among advanced nations

Although Impact Catayst is focused on our global community, sometimes a look at more specific or localized statistics is required to emphasize the broader problem. With this in mind, we look to Allianz’s Global Wealth Report 2015, which tells us that while America is the richest country in the developed world it is also the most unequal in terms of wealth distribution. This situation creates social tension adversely affecting life for all. Together, we can reverse this trend.

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People Are The Key

Impact Catalyst seeks to find members of underserved communities who have a burning desire and innovative ideas to change the status quo. We seek out the visionary who knows their local business model can be duplicated and exported to create new opportunities. Or we support the gifted student who needs help to fully develop her or his capacity - to someday contribute both at home and globally.

Social entrepreneurs are already out there making life better locally in a way that can scale up exponentially. People are the changemakers. All we have to do is give them the right information, tools, and resources to ensure that their potential isn’t wasted.

Socially Responsible Enterprises Needed

ETA Underserved CommunitiesThe contribution of the socially conscious enterprise can make a huge difference. Successful businesses are natural innovators. The key to their success is more in what they know then what they have. When we share experience and knowledge, we empower disadvantaged populations to improve their communities.

Stakeholders, such as the local, state, and federal government, or schools and universities, can also be encouraged to engage startups coming out of underprivileged communities.

Making Connections

The Impact Catalyst outreach program creates connections with local partners in underserved areas to generate synergies between their missions and those of our supporters and sponsors. For example:

  • Engage schools and universities for talent recruitment and innovation
  • Foster economic target area incentive program research and promotion
  • Develop online entrepreneurial resources to enable and support talent in remote areas
  • Work with legislature to shape successful programs to create jobs and improve local economics

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