Sustainable Investment

$6.6 trillion

Total US Funds in socially conscious investments

20.2 %

Annual growth in SRI Total Funds

4.5 %

World GDP targeted for sustainable investing by 2050

64 %

Of the time sustainable equity funds meet or exceeded returns of traditional equity funds

Big returns. That’s what sustainable investment, or socially responsible investing is all about. Social investment resonates at a level that includes - but encompasses far more than - the bottom line. Social investing:

  • Generates measurable, positive financial returns
  • Promotes sustainable, social, and environmental causes
  • Fulfils personal and/or organizational values, goals, and missions
  • Satisfies stakeholder demands

Is your investment strategy sustainable, responsible, and impactful? Speak with Impact Catalyst today.

Sustainable Investing Growth

Total funds in socially conscious investments (U.S. in trillions of dollars)

The demands of sustainable investors are rapidly changing the shape and focus of our global capital markets. In fact, the global sustainable investment market has grown by 60% since 2012 to $21.4 trillion by the start of 2014, both in absolute and relative terms, which represents an increase of 30.2% of the professionally managed assets across selected regions growing at 20.2% per annum.

Considering the impressive growth of sustainable investing, businesses (including their boards executives & founders) of all sizes need to incorporate comprehensive ESG strategies into Corporate Mission Statements & Policies at the earliest of stages to ensure their businesses and corporate cultures meet the needs of more socially conscious investors, employees, governments and other stakeholders.

Visionaries & Leaders

The socially minded investor carries a global vision required of this century’s leaders. Their insight allows them to evaluate a variety of asset classes based on environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria.

Impact Catalyst seeks to engage, educate, collaborate, and generate synergies between like minded investors, their financial advisors, entrepreneurs, and institutions. Only together can we confront the most critical challenges facing our communities and the world today.

Community Investment

While social investing contains solid financial fundamentals, the emphasis on serving poor and underserved communities remains at its core. Rather than considering this as a limitation, the social investor sees opportunities.

In many cases, untapped resources, tax advantages, and human capital can be quickly channeled into viable projects, programs, and businesses. These efforts not only are capable of generating a significant ROI, but more importantly, they bolster vulnerable sectors of society. This is the way Impact Catalyst, and its partners, makes our country - and the world - a better place.

Impact Requires Effort

In every engagement, Impact Catalyst seeks to generate sustainable and scalable results. Those that partner with us choose innovation, excellence, and due diligence as their guideposts.

Some examples of Social Investors are:

  • Private Investors, or their financial advisors, consciously screening all their assets for sound governance, fair labor practices, and environmental responsibility.
  • Venture Capitalists developing enterprises that provide environmental services, create jobs in low-/middle-income communities, or provide other societal benefits.
  • Credit unions and community development banks dedicated to underserved communities.
  • Foundations and NGOs that support community development, social entrepreneurship, and other high impact social investments.
  • Property funds that develop or retrofit residential and commercial buildings to smart grid and green energy standards.

Social Investing Is Financially Minded

Social investors seek a competitive financial investment return. Meeting the most rigorous standards, the socially responsible enterprise has been proven to be capable of competing on a global scale in terms of:

  • Growth
  • Returns on Capital
  • Risk Management
  • Management Quality

Building Bridges

Impact Catalyst accompanies the social investor, or their representative, providing tools, information, expert consultation, and networking in order to meet specific goals and desires. With deep experience in the global financial sector, we fully understand the nuances and challenges of translating capital into concrete investment outcomes.

Transform your vision into a reality. Be a part of the investment sector that generates meaningful change for our country and the world.