Healthcare & Biotech


Deaths in the US per day due to medical error, accident, or infection

2 times

US infant mortality rate for black women compared to whites

+69 %

Of US population considered overweight or obese

57 years

Average life expectancy in low-income countries

Domino Effect

Cost Of HealthcareFor families around the globe, the toll of illness can be devastating. Caring for a sick loved one can drive families into poverty - even in developed countries. Also, disease burden hinders community development which further increases inequality.

Something as basic as access to vaccines can save millions of lives. Healthcare startups and community initiatives can improve education levels and reduce poverty. Healthy citizens are productive and can be empowered to improve their neighborhoods.

Current paradigms must be changed. We must identify and foster efforts that combine healthcare solutions with economic benefits to local communities. In this way, the domino effect goes in reverse where healthy persons make society stronger.

Make our society stronger through good health. Make an impact.


Biotech already has made significant gains addressing health and food science needs. By helping meet agricultural demand, biotech also serves to confront the challenges of population expansion and climate change.

Here are some examples of projects that have come from entrepreneurs or startups:

  • HIV vaccine research - South Africa
  • Insulin production
  • Cost effective Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Disease free plants

These are they types of initiatives Impact Catalyst seeks to support. Innovations in biotechnology not only improve people’s health, but the economy benefits as well. Whether it’s conducting lab research or working with public health initiatives, biotech startups have the wherewithal to find solutions.