Green Energy & Smart Grid

>50 %

Global energy use growth by 2040

1,000 years

Time since humans witnessed such severe drought

$2 trillion

Predicted U.S. savings due to smart technology

Cat. 4 & 5

Hurricane categories expected to increase

Renewable Energy

Despite recent advances in renewable energy efforts, the world remains largely dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear power. This creates unnecessary climate related danger and ultimately shortages in freshwater and healthy food. We must do better. Nature offers us abundant sources of safe energy that can be replenished on timescales measured in minutes and days instead of centuries.

The entrepreneurial spirit has the capability to produce great advances making energy, nutritious food, and clean water available for generations to come - without exposing ourselves to the threat of climate change.

Renewable Energy Types

  • Wind, Solar & Hydropower
  • Geothermal energy
  • Bio energy
  • Nuclear Fusion
  • Battery & energy storage solutions

Why Smart Grid?

By leveraging technology, we can increase energy efficiency by several hundred percent. With smart grid, meters, and appliances the U.S. alone could save $2 trillion over the next 20 years. With the substantial increase in efficiency, smart grid amplifies the viability of renewable energy unlike ever before.

By using smart grid, we get more energy with less cost. This supports economic development and reduces inequality. Collectively, social enterprises are helping make this a reality, but there’s much more to be done.

How Smart Grid Helps

  • Potentiates renewable power resources
  • Increased power quality and reliability (no blackouts)
  • Reduces energy poverty & inequality
  • Enhances power use transparency

The U.S. stands to benefit greatly from smart grid which ensures energy availability and affordability. The nation’s carbon footprint can be reduced and families can manage their energy spend more efficiently.

The developing world is primed for renewable energy and smart grid applications. Due to early stage power rollout plans, smart solutions can be implemented from the get-go. This means that developing power sectors can mature quickly into manageable, reliable, and scalable designs.

Increase efficiency. Cut energy costs. Find out how you can protect the environment in a sustainable manner.