Our Focus

No Time To Waste

Within our lifetime, we could see disasters - natural and social - that threaten the lives of billions of human beings.

Challanges Of Population Growth

It took 55 thousand years for the human population to reach one billion. Only 200 years later, the number has exceeded 7 billion. Over the next 35 years, changing climate and an additional 2 billion people will stress our systems of:

  • Food & Water production & delivery
  • Energy production, storage & distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation & transit
  • Economic equality, social integration & stability

Some situations are already inexcusable:

  • 30% of worldwide food production goes to waste
  • Global energy use expected to rise by 50% within 3 decades
  • Millions of deaths annually due to poor access to healthcare
  • Growing drought severity, wildfires, and hurricane intensity

Within these challenges exist great opportunities to improve how society functions. We feel the responsibility to lead the progress through entrepreneurship and setting the right example.

The human spirit gives us great hope. For this reason, Impact Catalyst helps social startups meet the most urgent demands of our times. These issues are intimately intertwined; by addressing one, we improve on them all.

Essential Local Component

Every social enterprise supported by Impact Catalyst retains local leadership and community involvement. These people know the needs and nuances of where they live better than anyone. Nobody can help a community better than the community itself.

We’re comfortable working at the macro level (government, regulatory, corporate, etc.). But solutions to the biggest challenges require a comprehensive effort. This means local innovation, participation, and ownership. Supporting multiple, integrated local solutions makes it easier to tackle the larger problems.

The most creative and impactful ideas often spring forth from grassroots efforts. We identify and support key initiatives to bring them to fruition.