Growth Services

Growth Services Tree
No one can do it all alone, but together we can make great things happen. Early stage enterprises need a solid business foundation and a stellar team to break out and succeed. The Impact Catalyst program brings support to social entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • ESG Policy Design, Metrics & Reporting
  • Legislative & Community Strategy Development
  • Education & Enablement
  • Business Model Ideation
  • Business Model Development
  • Expert & Crowd Business Model Validation
  • Adviser &¬†Executive Recruitment
  • Professional Staff Development & Recruitment
  • Investor Pitch Deck Development
  • Public Incentive & Private Capital Raising
  • Partner Development (Technology, Legal, Marketing, HR & Benefits, Financial Advising and Other Services Providers)

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Company Stage Guidelines

To provide these services, we gauge the evolution of emerging enterprises using a founder-friendly scale proposed by the Founders' Institute as follows:

Stage Characteristics
IDEA Team: The team consists of only part-time founder(s).
Customers: The company is in discussions with potential customers to determine demand in the market. The pricing/revenue structure has been developed, but needs market validation.
Revenue: The company has no revenue.
Investors: The company has no outside investors.
Product: The specifications for a minimum viable product including wireframes and system designs are complete.
STARTUP Team: The team consists of full-time founder(s) and is in the process of hiring initial employees as needed.
Customers: The company has received letters of intent or customer commitments and the market need has been validated.
Revenue: The company may be collecting revenue.
Investors: Investment may have been raised via friends/family or professional investors (angel, venture capital, etc.).
Product: The launch of the minimum viable product is imminent.
GROWTH Team: The team consists of full time founder(s) and is in the process of hiring employees as needed.
Customers: The company has achieved significant traction and user-based growth.
Revenue: The company is collecting revenue.
Investors: Prior investment may have been raised and the founders are prepared to pitch to professional investors if additional capital is needed.
Product: The product has been launched and is periodically refined based on customer feedback.