Sustainability Certification

Sustainability Matrix

Sustainability is based on the basic principle that everything society needs for its well-being and survival depends - directly or indirectly - on our natural environment and resources. It means that society (governments, for-profit & not-for-profit corporations, capital markets & individuals) can fulfill the social, economic, and other needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Sustainability is based on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) fundamentals:

Environmental – Includes resource management, pollution protection, reduced emissions and climate impact, environmental reporting and disclosure.

Social – Includes the workplace, products and communities covering diversity, health, safety, labor and human rights, quality, community relations, responsible lending & philanthropy,

Governance (Corporate) – Includes executive compensation, accountability, shareholder rights, transparent reporting, and disclosures.

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Impact Catalyst Certified

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You’ll find no barriers to entry with Impact Catalyst. Instead we encourage all enterprises to share their social contributions in a simple and transparent manner. We believe that small, measured contributions from thousands of socially-motivated organizations will grow and add up to world transforming events.

Unlike other Sustainable Enterprise certifications, which rely on complex and costly legal constructs, Impact Catalyst offers a robust certification program based on pledged commitments and transparency. Even early-stage enterprises find our process accessible, friendly, and navigable.


Committment Pledge and MonitorAny business (not only graduates of our Curation Process can apply for Impact Catalyst Certification and proudly share their civic accomplishments with customers, employees, investors, and business partners.

Impact Catalyst Certification is administered in Two Phases:

Phase 1: The business applies for the Impact Catalyst Certification and makes a pledge to deliver measurable results on their social commitments. This pledge is recorded as part of the application process. Once the company has filed their pledged commitments, it is authorized to display the Impact Catalyst | Pledged logo on their website and any corporate materials.

Phase 2: After submitting an Annual Impact Report - which documents the organization's progress against their goals - the company earns the right to display the Impact Catalyst | Certified logo. This logo links directly to the company's Annual Impact Report maintaining the transparency valued by stakeholders, investors, partners, and the community at large.

Why Certify With Impact Catalyst?

Impact Catalyst Certification provides an established and reliable method to:

  • Incorporate sustainability principles into the your organization’s core values
  • Measure your performance in accordance with ESG fundamentals
  • Demonstrate to stakeholders your commitment to sustainable principles
  • Maintain sustainability for the long term as a Socially Responsible Enterprise

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