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Socially Conscious Investing

No matter who you are you dream of a better world. And you’ve already begun planting seeds of hope for tomorrow’s Earth transforming harvest. It makes no difference if you lead a small social startup or a multinational corporation, since we all have the same vision. We don’t plan for our generation alone, but for the many that will live and thrive thanks to our compassion, hard work, and ingenuity.  

When we say socially conscious investing, we mean empowering people and communities. That’s why Impact Catalyst looks deep into the heart of each project and the people behind it. We believe in long-term relationships where each actor gives and learns. Our vision implies a multiplication of resources impacting millions of lives.


Everything Is Possible

Team Toast with Coffee

Impact Catalyst is made up of visionaries from all walks of life, all around the world. We leverage global capital market expertise to enable social startups to confront the most critical challenges of this century - all with a grassroots, can-do attitude. Instead of getting stuck in formalities and risk avoidance, we cut to the chase. We make quick connections between capital investors, legislators, community leaders and projects to get boots, services, and product moving.

We're not afraid to pursue the most ambitious of ideas that may cause others to hesitate. Great challenges call for bold solutions.

We can talk profit margin, supply chain, and measurable results all day long. But, like you, we prefer to share how vital it is to nurture freshwater, healthy children, gender equality, and fair wages. We value the person who comes to us and says, “I just know this will work. I’m not afraid to take a chance. We can make it better.”

So join the adventure today. It’s about us. All of us.