Our Focus

For the sake of every human life, the actions taken every day to protect our environment over the next decade are absolutely critical. Join this growing movement today by making global change happen from your own town or community.
Socially Responsible Enterprises

Environmental, Social, and Governance factors impact communities and performance.

Sustainable Food & Clean Water

Healthy, local food & water distributed optimally to eliminate waste & inequality.

Green Energy & Smart Grid

Environmentally friendly & efficient energy production, storage & distribution to power our future.

Healthcare & Biotech

Patient-centric healthcare delivery systems, cost reduction & services promoting overall wellness.

About You

You are a social enterprise, entrepreneur, or startup confronting the three greatest challenges of our time: shifting population trends, climate change, and social inequality. Or you are a builder of corporate culture that embraces sustainable principles. In every case, you understand that humanity stands at a critical juncture that will determine the future of the entire planet.

About Us

Impact Catalyst seeks out and curates social enterprises focused on positively impacting the world from within their own communities. We also partner with organizations, businesses, and corporations that share the same world view - that as leaders, we must forge a new era with social and environmental responsibility at its core.
Message from CEO

Stephen Corliss, CEO

My name is Stephen Corliss. What have I done for the world community to make it better? Aside from treating people fairly and respectfully or making charitable donations, not nearly enough. After 26+ years leading the world's largest financial institutions I decided to leave Wall Street. Now I seek to leverage my knowledge and expertise for the broader good by bridging the gap between Wall Street and Main Street. This is why I founded Impact Catalyst.

As experts in the global financial marketplace, we understand how and why capital moves from individuals to intermediaries to investments. We know the difference between making a safe investment vs. the correct one. By bringing this know-how to the table, we reduce the friction that can stop community changing - or even world changing - projects from getting funded.

Benjamin Franklin once said "If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing about." With Ben's words as our sail, I'm launching Impact Catalyst to make a difference.

Our Goal: 10 to 1000 to 1 Billion

We are on a mission. Over the next 10 years we pledge to help 1,000 social startups impact the lives of 1,000,000,000 people. Entrepreneurs have the collective power to shape our future, so we enable them to develop the leadership, relationships, and industry intelligence to succeed. By bringing industry partners together with the world's most ambitious entrepreneurs, we will create a better future.

So join me today on our mission. Tomorrow's counting on it.

Stephen Corliss

Measured Impact


  • $1 Of Investment

    Every Dollar Makes A Difference

  • $ of Local Tax Revenue

    Income Generated From Supported Businesses

  • % Business Retention

    Incubator Graduates Staying in Community

  • % Likelihood Of Business Success

    Incubator Graduates Staying In Business


Founding Team

Great Leaders Building the Next Generation of Business Leaders
Stephen Corliss
Stephen Corliss
Principal, CEO
With 26+ years leadership in the global financial markets, Stephen provides indisputable securities industry & investment experience. Chief Operating Officer & Head of Broker Deal Execution Services at BlackRock, BGI & lead financial roles at UBS, State Street make for a powerful resume.
Adam Korzeniowski
Adam Korzeniowski
By profession, Adam K brings years of experience in Enterprise Sales, Business Process Management, Business Development, and Software Development. He offers expertise across a broad range of industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharma, Consumer Goods and IT. Adam K carries degrees in Economics and Computer Science.


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We’re helping companies of all sizes make their impact on society. However, as we are a not-for-profit organization, we cannot be sustainable ourselves depending on our sponsors alone, so we’ve developed 4 founder-friendly packages for entrepreneurs and startups that ask our members to give back based on their needs. Choose the right one for you.


  • Team: Part-time Founder(s)
  • Customers: Needs Market Validation
  • Revenue: No Revenues
  • Investors: FFF
  • Product: Designs or Prototype


  • Team: Full-time Founder(s)
  • Customers: Market Need is Validated
  • Revenue: Collecting Revenue
  • Investors: FFF or Angel & VC
  • Product: MVP

< 1.5%

  • Team: Full-time Founders & Employing
  • Customers: Significant Market Traction Achieved
  • Revenue: Collecting Revenues
  • Investors: Prepared to Pitch new Investors
  • Product: Product Launched


  • Consulting Growth Services for companies at any stage of development.
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